About Westwood Shipping Lines

Furthermore, ZEN CONTINENTAL is the exclusive agent in China for WESTWOOD SHIPPING LINES. Westwood is a US carrier providing regular weekly services from central and North China (DL, TJ, QD, SH, NB & NJ), Japan and South Korea to Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC and IPI points in the U.S.A. and Canada. They also send one ship to call Shanghai directly mid of each month; both containerized and break bulk/project cargo can be accommodated. For more details about Westwood Shipping Lines, please log on to www.wsl.com.

  Kenneth Dai  021-5308-0968  shkennethd@zencon.com.cn

  Luisa Zeng    022-5888-0018  tjchncsr4zencon.com.cn

Service Schedule for China(Jun.2018)